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Photos Spanning the Years

  • Class Photos
  • Individual Photos
  • Reunion Banquet Photos
  • Reunion Picnic Photos

Videos Spanning the Years

  • Music Videos
  • Reunion Banquet Videos
  • Reunion Picnic Videos

Historical Pages

  • Alumni Directory
  • First Graduating Class (1952)
  • First Reunion (1982)
  • Class Rolls (1952-1970)
  • Former Teachers and Staff Roster
  • Former Teachers and Staff Photos
  • The Way We Were photos (morphing)
  • And many former schoolmates are currently signed-up
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How to Register?

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click or tap either of the Register buttons (top or bottom).
  3. You will be taken to the Registration Form.
  4. Complete the registration form and click or tap Next until you are able to click or tap Register.
  5. Only Carver-Stephens Alumni need apply.

What happens after you submit the registration form?

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How to login?

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  2. If you created your username as JoeDoe and your password as PaSsWoRd, that's how you will need to enter it everytime you login.
  3. Typing them as joedoe and password will not allow you access.

How to retrieve login info?

  1. Use links at bottom of frontpage:
  2. If you have forgotten both, Username and Password, retrieve Username first.
  3. If all else fails, send a message to support.

How to make changes to login info?

  1. After login, click or tap Edit Details on the About Me menu.
  2. Make desired changes: name, eMail, etc.
  3. Click or tap Save Changes.

How to create your avatar?

  1. Suggested size but can be different: 160 x 160 (jpg or png).
  2. The best output from adding your avatar is to have a headshot image (jpg or png) that you have reduced to 160 x 160.
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  4. Upload the 160 x 160 image and the system automatically creates three images that will be associated with your account.

How to replace the default Cover image for your Profile?

  1. Suggested size but can be different: 1140 x 428 (jpg or png).
  2. Click or tap the gear icon in upper right corner of profile page.
  3. Click or tap Modify Cover.
  4. Upload your image and you are done.
  5. You may click or tap the gear icon again and select Reposition Cover, if necessary.
  6. Then click or press and hold image while you drag to adjust position.
  7. NOTE: These steps apply to cover images for any groups, events, or albums, created by you.

How to post to the Activity Stream?

  1. Simply login and click or tap the text box that displays, "Say what's on your mind..."
  2. The placeholder text will disappear as you begin to type your message.
  3. Click or tap the Post button.

How to navigate website on smartphones?



  1. The website should appear on all smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.) like the images displayed above (click or tap for close-up).
  2. Tap the hamburger icon (see arrow in first image) to access the menu bar. TIP: Hold phone in landscape mode and, depending on screen size, menu bar may display automatically.
  3. Tap any menu item to display submenu items. For example, tap "Class Groups" and then tap "My Class Groups" to view all groups in which you are a member.

Attention SHS Alumni

If you are a former Carver student who later became a member of any Stephens High School graduating class from 1971 thru 1981, please contact the Website Administrator.

We are interested in photos and memorabilia to add to the Stephens Roadrunners Class Groups.